Coronavirus linked to climate change

Among the hypotheses about the spread of the coronavirus in China advances that linked to climate change; in fact, researchers believe that bats could be the source of the virus and warmer seasons due to global warming prolong their period of activity outside caves with increased risk of transmitting the virus to a mammal intermediate before man who generally tends to live quite close to wild areas deforesting and subtracting more and more space from the natural environment. In the crowded markets of Chinese animals full of cages and close tubs viral mutation are theoretically possible (but there are also other less natural hypotheses). It is worth noting by changing the subject but remaining on naturalistc issues that a state of emergency has been declared in Canberra in Australia due to the vast fire that has been devouring vegetation for days.

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Coronavirus emergency on a global level

The statements of international health organizations that the coronavirus emergency no longer only affects China but the whole globe clearly indicate that the level of risk has increased even if it is better to remain calm, in the meantime they would have increased to two hundred and thirteen victims in China with more nine thousand cases of contagion and great difficulties for the authorities to manage the situation especially in the great city of Wuhan. After the confirmed cases in France and Germany, two suspected cases have also proved positive for the controls in Italy with first measures (for example regarding flights to China). To defend against the virus as much as possible, as from a flu, it is advisable to avoid overcrowded places, to touch points of frequent contact and often washing the hands.

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Case of new Chinese coronavirus in Thailand

A Chinese woman has been quarantined in Thailand following a mysterious new coronavirus that has already alerted health authorities in China for causing a death in the city of Wuhan as well as forty cases of contagion that occurred in a market fish; in fact, genetic analysis seems to have a similarity to eighty percent with SARS or sudden acute respiratory syndrome that in 2002-2003 caused almost three hundred and fifty deaths in China and three hundred in Hong Kong. International health authorities have said that there may be a limited possibility of human-to-human spread and widespread contamination, but it is also trying to monitor the situation by warning Chinese tourists to avoid travelling to Thailand on new year (January 25); then people in the city of Wuhan who have fever and cough should undergo health checks.

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COVID-19 pandemic                  

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