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Object: Contents of the work copied    

Many of the contents of the work has been copyed (about the climate question, philosophy, songs, graphical images..) and also a famous song used often in publicity made with part of a modified track relative to the salutary multimedia work (in background the audio midi in low quality).

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Object: not authorized links and informatic piracy

Writing "salutary.eu" or "salutistico.it" on some search engine between the entrance connections to the site www.salutary.eu, www.salutistico.it, others do not authorize truculent links appear between which also one to those in order to download freewares, but that practically they turn out to payment through Dialer. Attention to the pirates, exploratory of the web Internet, sails in sure waters; in fact the Demo of the program "Well-being Body - Mind - Soul" deposited that it enjoys all the copyrights can be download free from the my Internet site. - For suggestion e-mail: info@salutary.eu.


* For to express instead an opinion to use the apposite fields of the ( secure ) discussion forum down.

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