Lessons of global well-being   (Body - Mind - Soul).

Explanation of all the techniques, the slight knowledge and the secrets to know in order to conquer in the daily life a durable well-being (simple, but real and tangible), connecting correctly with ourself and the surrounding atmosphere, the final objective to improve the own conditions of health and for resolving malaises, stress, pains and typical uneasiness of the contemporary society and for finding again that natural serenity and tranquillity in the human mind. It will be possible to catch up a good harmony and equilibrium, thanks to simples exercises of positive thought and suggestion, learning to face and to exceed the difficulties of the life so as to maintain always calm and serene "loading" ourselves of well-being.


  • Body

    1. We are what we eat, therefore if we improve our feeding we will become with the time healthier and active, remaining always young; for this it will be possible to learn to know the aliments, the natural integrators, vitamins, minerals, cholesterol., the calculation of the corrected weight, the Body Mass Index and the metabolism based on the personal parameters and analysis of an alimentary regimen personalized in order to acquire one good physical and athletic shape, contrasting the aging effects.

    2. From our posture standing, seated or supine the organism can depend the entire well-being; therefore will be possible to be learned of the simple exercises in order to maintain in shape and in order to resolve the typical pains from which often we are plagued because of the positions incorrect assumed and the cargos that the vertebral column must to tolerate.

    3. The respiration is fundamental in order to improve the quality of the life as an example learning the techniques of deep and diaphragmatic respiration (completes) is possible to control the anxious states, to favor the rest and to find an just equilibrium with if same and of the ambience.
  • Mind

    1. The mind and the brain controls the relationship with our organs, with the next one and the ambience, from these considerations how much can be comprised can be important to maintain itself mentally young and in shape, and for this scope it will be possible to learn the best techniques of the training autogenous (mental training).

    2. Thanks to the learning of "all" the methods, the aliments and the tricks of memorization will be possible to try to improve the own memory and through aimed technical of training will be possible to be controlled stress, the mental states, to be favored the cure of pathologies to support of the traditional therapies and to be recovered that state of calm that allows to render better during all the activities.

    3. Through the analysis of the own characterizes abilities them will be possible to be obtained a training formula adapted to the personal requirements and development of the natural abilities to learning also in relation to the characteristics of the greatest minds and to the geniuses of the humanity.


  • Soul

    1. The spirit carries out an important function of guide in the life, than allows us to appreciate the serenity moments totally and to exceed the unavoidable moments of difficulty, for this reason will be possible to learn the characteristics of the spirit and to the arguments of existential character that every individual places itself at least once during the life.

    2. Explanation of the suggestion techniques, and councils on like exceeding every difficulty and to succeed to improve themselves, to grow, gaining the anxiety and the distrust in own means. Instruction of the meditation and the exercises of mental dynamics that allow to maintain themselves young and to facilitate the cure of the malaises, also through the study of the saints and of the more important spiritual personalities of the history.

    3. Will be supplied of the suggestions useful to make to comprise the logon between spirit characterizes them and universal so as to to be possible to appreciate in best of the ways the nature in whichever circumstance also through the use of humour, relaxation and meditation until the attainment of one simple happiness. Also to sing, to play or simply to listen to with transport and intensely music are useful for the well-being therefore will be possible to be learned useful news on the great musical masters, on the composition, the song, the musicotherapy and it will be possible also to be learned to read notes on the stave thanks to of the simple exercises.

Posture, footwear, accessories and biorhythms:

Thanks to the guide and the simple councils of a trainer that only "know of not to know" it will be possible to know the corrected posture to maintain in every moment of the working day or also for simple avocation; and therefore, to correctly unload the forces that weigh on the vertebral column, so as to to benefit of the well-being that derives from the corrected position of the physicist in every situation and atmosphere. Also the acquaintance of the corrected one chosen and use of the footwear is important for the posture, from the moment that the well-being "leaves from the feet"; therefore, to obtain useful news on purchase, structure, measures and maintenance of the shoes can contribute to improve the quality of the life; it will be carried out also short panoramic on the clothes and accessories more adapted to stay well with itself and the ambience in all the climatic conditions. In order to improve the own physical, intellectual, spiritual performances, the brace and relation life, it will be possible finally to analyze the vital cycles bases on the personal biorhythms and the circadian cycles, so as to plan in best of the ways the daily activity, sport and the rest.

In the complex it will be attempted also to increase the cultural horizons and the quality of the life of who is disposed to dedicate to the global well-being one small part of the own free time, so as to form a positive philosophy of the life, that simple happiness in the little things
see the video) that favors the harmony and the equilibrium (see the photos).
For example for to control the equilibrium of the body, to write below the weight and the height and then to verify if the B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) approach a medium value of 22 for the man and 20 for the woman (must be lower of 25).
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