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- The work "Well-being  Body - Mind - Soul" is a multimedia program on the fitness and the individual global well-being, with the aim to recover a simple serenity and tranquillity  through the training of three components body, mind, spirit, and to the demonstration of the connection among all sciences and doctrines (this site serves to promote the work and his philosophy and to supply valids salutary councils thanks also to the newspaper online, available in telephone version or for other Internet devices).
The application comprises a program, a disc and a book on the wellness and is contained in a single CD-ROM (or DVD), is also equipped of a guided presentation that it explain the functions and the main controls (the below images represents the index of the presentation and some of the fundamental paragraphs).

- In practical the plan is based on the classical philosophy and in particular Neoplatonic, in order to try to improve the quality of the life and the ambient; in fact Plato said that: "gymnastics  for the body  and music  for the soul  highly educate  the individual, and refraining  the beastly impulses  they lead to one healthy and just civilization". For this reason in the work is included a disc and a paragraph dedicate to the music, and finally a book as hypertext on the footwear, from the moment that  the well-being "begins from the feet", moreover this short text  concurs to realize a full multimedia  (program - disc - book), and is included in the plan that previews the union of all the sciences, one of the objects of the work.

- The program is addressed to a large number of customers; in fact is right for all the people, without barriers of raze, religion or social extraction, that use  a simple  and comprehensible language, but scientifically correct, previewing various levels of deepening; and that it can be consulted anyone desires to have a suggestion on existentialist subjects, also with references to the care of the nutrition, the physical exercise, autogenous training of the mind and meditation for the spirit (with simple tables).

Wellness  (global well-being)

- The work in complex sight also  to increase the cultural horizons and the quality of the life of who is disposed to dedicate at the global training  one small part  of the own free time, for this purpose are present some archives and of the utility programs (an agenda, calculation of the biorhythms, perpetual calendar etc.). The work moreover, is one small mine of councils, suggestions and useful information, that it would have to make part of the personal multimedia library of whichever person to which interests to widen the own knowledge on the wellness and the global equilibrium!  [..Download free the work Demo with a simple registration between the visitors of the Salutary site].

Information and reservation

- For have any clarification  on the multimedia program "Wellness  Body - Mind - Soul",  or to order the DVD of the work, otherwise to reserve an healthy week of training with the author (john peter campanelli - Personal Trainer), will be enough to put in the name and the e-mail address in the apposite input text low, for to establish a contact without obligation (or applying directly to the trainer hopefully with a question, by way of an e-mail to the address:  training@salutary.eu  - phone number  +39 338 1809310  - are welcome also the SMS message); because the salutary well-being is a very precious good!

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