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- The work is equipped of a personalized help, with which it's possible to have information on the functions and the controls of the program and of archives  and search whichever argument (between the over two thousand well-being thematic treated) also recalling the specific paragraph in which it is dealt. In order to consult the contents of the program it will simply be enough to leaf through the pages like if they made part of a virtual book, clicking with the mouse on the special controls.
(For to formulate a request, to consult the page of the frequent questions - FAQ - or in the case the page not has been correctly visualized to load the version without javascript; instead for a better resolution and security see the https Hi-Res site).

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Controls and functions

- For every controls and functions of the program is supplied a description with various level of deepening (to start from the Wellness - Windows guide); moreover is possible to inquire itself on the purposes of the plan and the scopes of the work, also with references to the section of the disc and the book, that they are integrated part in the concept of the total well-being. It's also possible to dispose of a short Online Help and obtain some information on as completing the tables comprised in the several paragraphs of the program and improving the results of the global training.


- Moving with the mouse on the voices of the help, an image will appear that serves in order to help to comprise the operation of a function or an utility file, and clicking over, it will be possible to approach easily the picture of the presentation in order to obtain explanation detailed on the wished paragraph; is also present an image that visualizes the main arguments, for having simply a practical  council on the themes of the well-being. On the arguments explicated is present a link to the salutary newspaper online (or to the apposite program of the multimedia work) for to have information about the global well-being news, moving the mouse over the link will be show the article title that will be visualized.
The work; finally, is equipped of a program of installation with various possibilities of setting to second of the system that is possessed, also for the less recent computers and one than guided to uninstall the application.

Information and reservation

- For have any clarification  about the multimedia program "Wellness  Body - Mind - Soul", or to order the CD-ROM of the work, otherwise to reserve a healthy week of training with the author (john peter campanelli - Personal Trainer), will be enough to put in the name and the e-mail address in the apposite input text low, for to establish a contact without obligation (or applying directly to the trainer hopefully with a question, by way of an e-mail to the address:  training@salutary.eu  - phone number  +39 338 1809310  - are welcome also the SMS message); because the salutary well-being is a very precious good!

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