- In equipment to the program there are various archives in which will be possible to put in, books, discs, films, video, works or other useful things to a good cultural and inner increase (the plan previews the connection between all the sciences); in fact, in order to lead the individual on a corrected road, beyond to the total training it's necessary the study, the acquaintance and the love for the knowledge (that is, the philosophy, that is the true manageress and sonorous column of the our existence). For being able to grow in all the fields is necessary a continuous adjournment and one constant search  of the more valid devices in order to obtain the best ones results, without to neglect to examine again the consolidated knowledge in our own intimate. The database are supplied of the main functions of search, reorder, calculation, visualization and organization of the data.


- Is present besides the archives an agenda, from the moment that the application is a simple program of usefulness that can be consulted daily not only for having a comfort;  that allows to exceed the normal difficulties that are met in the life and a council on the topics that very rarely come face in our society, and that our conscience burning wishes to know; but also for having of valid device and instruments in order to train themselves to grow, for the storing and the well-being.  The agenda is equipped of the main functions of search, calculation, storing (also with images, grid and print).


- It's possible anytime to print the relative cards to the feeding, the fitness, the stress and the increase of the spirit of whichever user; in fact the data put in the tables  of the application will be recorded in the data archive, which they can be visualized through the grid in equipment and will be possible also to print the percentages of values obtained on equilibrium of  body - mind - soul and the other fundamental results. Various options of print are previewed to second of the type of tables or of data that is desired to send to printing, and also is foreseen the possibility to change the images of the program or to insert of the photos in the archives. In equipment to the work there are also some usefulness programs; as an example for the calculation  of the biorhythms, programmable, with "perpetual" calendar, timer, Saint of the day, calculation of the Easter date and of the lunar phases (until the 2599), of the age.., this because the wellness concept can always be present in the daily activities, from those binding, until those ludic or less rigorous (..and then rather that reading the daily horoscope)!


- The work is equipped with a salutary archive dedicated to the news on the global training as an electronic newspaper easily readable thanks to the function in equipment that allows to reorder and to visualize the articles based to the category or on the personal requirements of reading or is possible to search a data wished between all the articles presents in the database.
Is also possible to download an adjuorned version of the database of the
online newspaper and to load it with the apposite controls of the archive.

Information and reservation

- For have any clarification  about the multimedia program "Wellness  Body - Mind - Soul", or to order the CD-ROM of the work, otherwise to reserve a healthy week of training with the author (john peter campanelli - Personal Trainer), will be enough to put in the name and the e-mail address in the apposite input text low, for to establish a contact without obligation (or applying directly to the trainer hopefully with a question, by way of an e-mail to the address:  training@salutary.eu  - phone number  +39 338 1809310  - are welcome also the SMS message); because the salutary well-being is a very precious good!

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