- Is present in the work  "Wellness  Body - Mind - Soul" also a book as hypertext or program about the footwear, from the moment that the well-being "start to the feet"; therefore it will be possible to find useful notions on the history, the structure, the production, the measures and maintenance of the shoes. The entire organism is in erected position, and walking or running is influenced from the posture that derives from the position and the support of the foot in the footwear, than is reflected on the vertebral column and on the physical and the mental performances of the people.

Sport and free time

- The footwear plays a role of great importance for the total wellness, from the moment that they influence on the health  of the foot,  on the posture  and the erected station. Therefore as in order to construct a house it is begun from the foundations, in order to arrive to carry out the structures and the roof; therefore for the well-being  it must be start from the feet, in order to reach the mind and finally the spirit.  For the modern  and sport medicine,  is important  the acquaintance of the foot and the reflex movements  that can condition the physiology of the entire organism, and with the reflex-therapy many diseases can also be cured. In the sport, the free time and the life of every day the footwear carried out a silence and precious work that would have to avoid to underrate, above all for who loves the well-being.

Shape and design

- In order to prevent the diseases and the malformations of the feet is useful to know as the footwear come constructed, from the shape, to the design, the materials until the maintenance and to the cure of the shoes, for this purpose are deal in the book all these arguments and are supplied useful information to the purchase of the model more adapted to the personal requirements and the type of carried out activity. Is also present a review of the more important designers of footwear of all the time, with particular attention to the Italian style (sure the best one, from the artistic and cultural point of view, of the world)!

Tables and measures

- In the book are comprised of the tables in order to confront the measures of the various countries, so as to be possible easy to characterize the footwear number that is adapted in the best one ways to our feet; in fact the shoe must wear perfectly for being able to guarantee a general well-being to the entire organism; therefore it's important to know the main criteria of measurement.

- In order to conclude the book on the shoes are present also references between clothes and footwear and also many curiosities and anecdotes in the several age; as an example because they carry fortune  and are always considered a fundamental reason of distinction and prestige (and thanks to a linked index of arguments will be possible obtaining all information quickly).

Information and reservation

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