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Where i can find the time for a so complex training with the phrenetic rhythms of the daily life (when often lacks the time quite in order to breathe) ?

In truth in order to catch up a durable well-being are sufficient little minutes every day, as an example beginning from the morning, can be prayed while us washes the teeth, then driving the car can be made of the simple exercises of stretching.. Memorize the distance, the nature, the mark them in order to exercise the mind.. instead of the elevator make the scale (using correctly all the muscle).. to raise from the chair too soon possible for one short pray and stretching.. etc.

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Equipment, gymnasium.. an incubus ?

- To use of the tools or to go in gymnasium in order to make gymnastic is not closely indispensable; in fact optimal exercises for the body exist and is can easy be used of the small expedient weights (ex. cans filled up of water), or are possible to organize a circuit of training comfortably in house without to use weights, or in the garden (the important is the movement.. the Well-being is everywhere)!

Meditation, religion.. atheism ?

- To pray and to meditate necessarily do not mean to embrace a religion, sure could happen that training the soul awakenings the drowsy spirit and approaches itself, initially with skepticism, to the contemplation (the fear of change is comprehensible and natural); but to have fear of the salvation and his salutary message it's absurd, above all when it comes offered free from Who has been sacrificed for we for pure love (however in the work this arguments are only mentioned.. for the interpretation of the Gospels and of the others religion will be opportune to contact the relative experts).
Regard instead the logo of the work, is a prism (tetrahedron) that wheel and ideally also to spiral in order to represent the total well-being, with the three colors: red for the body, blue for the mind, green for the soul, and for the same motivations also the salutary logo with the three conglogabate systems (the application privileges the spirit).

Integrators, pills and energetic drinks ?

- The salutary training privilege a Mediterranean (milk-egg vegetarian) nourishment without any type of integrators (in a balanced nourishment, the nutrients contained in the aliments are sufficient to the organism), only in the case of pathologies is advisable to use remedies as the pure essential oils, dry extract, infuse.. that the Nature give us (as teach the paters of the medical science), in union to the prayer, remember that the prevention is the first therapeutics defense (medicine mean poison; but it's the quantity that make the difference, otherwise in the work this sector is only mentioned.. for the best cures that the science puts to disposition it will be opportune to contact the specialists of the relative sectors).

Salutary and biorhythms what means ?

- Salutary is a term in order to identify an healthy attitude "to all round" that involved the entire individual (as an example mistakes who only refers to the alimentary or physical member forgetting the total equilibrium).
As far as the biorhythms (that many judge little reliable, also if the same Hippocrates suggested to keep they in consideration) in practical is a simple data to connect to the training from the moment that seems that the individual and the metabolism follow continuously of the cyclical rhythms base in part on the principles of a science called cronobiology, for this reason in the program the rhythms are adjustable. The utility is present, because the well-being concept can always be present in the daily activities, from those binding, until those less rigorous; and finally in order to contrast the horoscope mania. More and more often are found also in serious banns these strange ones and alarming forecasts, than of scientific have perhaps little not using of sure a precise galileian method, and of sure assure very little well-being.

Images too much littler.. privacy ?

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