- It makes part of the multimedia plan a disc (that can be listened also in a normal reader of compact disc, thanks to the Extra CD technology), and the relative paragraph on the music, where will be possible to be learned useful news on the masters of this art, the composition, the song, the music-therapy; and will be able also to reads the notes on the pentagram through a simple exercise, that allows to compare  the solar spectrum of the colours to the notes, to the tastes so as be possible to easy recover the sounds and to locate the height of the notes.

Texts of the disc

- In the menu texts of the paragraph dedicated to the music, are present all the songs of the compact disc when will be selected a text, automatically will be played a relative musical extract. The songs proposals are of the simple practices for giving the example; in fact the music is well-being and everyone would have to compose an own song, relaxant, curative or religious (with to the personal instrument that are loved and to the dance or the preferred gymnastic). It would be opportune, for anyone wants to follow the advised total training of the program, to try to learn to play one musical instruments, to write songs and to sing them (as natural motion of the spirit).

  • Composition of the music and texts

- The music is a wonderful art that concurs to exercise the spirit naturally, and the only effort to make is to feel it in the own intimate, to live it intensely, is express with a extremely fluid language, made of qualitative shadings, logic and freedom; but this is only an aspect of a discipline that it has very many merits, beyond to that one of being able to emphasize the feelings that more touch the spirit of the man.
In order to discover the potentialities of the music will be give also simple councils on the composition of own songs and eventually to write the text that hides inside the pieces between the notes.

  • Formation and health

- Recent studies have demonstrated that to study a musical instrument from children improves the intellectual quotient, but sure bring benefit to all the ages and can also help to prevent arising of the Alzheimer (disease that more and more often hits the older population).
With particular music (for example Mozart and Bach) is possible to catch up deep states of well-being that can help to resolve small pathologies (if there is the support of the best technology and specialized cures of the medical science).

Other kind of arts

- In the program beyond to the music are used to didactic scope also of the other kind of arts; in fact the figurative painting, the sculpture  and the other arts can in particular be much effective for the total increase, the salutary exercise and of the spirit. They will also succeed to recreate the ideal harmony of the shapes, the game of the lights and the colours, the mathematics and the philosophy. In the work are also present some artistic practices, for giving the example.

Information and reservation

- For have any clarification  about the multimedia program "Wellness  Body - Mind - Soul", or to order the CD-ROM of the work, otherwise to reserve a healthy week of training with the author (john peter campanelli - Personal Trainer), will be enough to put in the name and the e-mail address in the apposite input text low, for to establish a contact without obligation (or applying directly to the trainer hopefully with a question, by way of an e-mail to the address:  training@salutary.eu  - phone number  +39 338 1809310  - are welcome also the SMS message); because the salutary well-being is a very precious good!

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