- The multimedia work is provided  with a controls panel  for easily go to the main chapters  Body - Mind - Soul,  to the archives and all the other paragraphs among which the introduction that lead through degree to the knowledge of the basic concepts of the salutary program (the subjects treat are support with the aid of short maxims of geniuses and benefactors  of the humanity),  the work  is also multi users;  therefore the data put in  will saved on an archive of easy consultation.

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- In the chapter dedicate to the body and training, there are two paragraphs: in the first one we'll find information on the foods, vitamins, minerals, cholesterol.. and if we complete the table inside the form, we'll get an example of nutrition fit to the needs of the user and the data on correct weight, body max index and basal metabolism. In the second paragraph are discuss the main subjects on the fitness and wellness in general (global well-being)  and if we complete the table inside the form, we'll get a card of training adaptable to personal needs.
In this chapter is also possible to have information on the aliments and the technique of salutary training for oppose the effect of aging and to keep ourselves forever young and in very good form.


- In the chapter dedicated to the mind, we will find a paragraph in which will comes deal the main arguments to know the aliments, the stress, and completing the table comprised to the inside we'll be obtained some practical councils on like alleviating the damages that had to stress, through the technique of training autogenous. Opening the help of the section or pressing on the keys function, is possible to have detailed information on the mind and its abilities.  In the second paragraph we will find the main techniques of memorization and training of the brain, with practical examples and a special exercise is purposely present also in order to verify the effectiveness of the councils supplied on the memory.


- In the final chapter of the program we will find two paragraphs that they guide to the discovery and development of the spirit; moreover are deals those arguments of existential character that every individual places to itself at least one time during the own existence, and completing the table of the first paragraph, through the suggestion we will obtained a series of councils on like exceeding every difficulty and to succeed to improve themselves to grow, mitigating the anxiety and the distrusts in own means (also thanks to a simple exercise of mental dynamics that allow to induce a good state of relaxation in order to maintain themselves young and to facilitate  the cure of the malaise's).  In according to the paragraph are deepened the themes regarding the development of the spirit, from the moment that meditation and prayer are practical that favor the tranquillity and the well-being; moreover a table is present that synthesizes the fundamentals data put in the chapters body-mind-soul, visualizing also with three dimensional graphic the global equilibrium of the subject.

Will come also supplied of the suggestions useful to make to comprise the connection between the spirit characterizes and the universal.
(The work privileges the Christianity, but all the religions recognized supports the well-being).

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