Body and nourishment

Recent studies on the feeding have verified the effectiveness of the red-orange colours fruits and vegetables in order to prevent the cellular aging: like the currant, the blackberry, the Indian fig, the fresh pepper, the melon and the pomegranate (witch juice can contribute to remove the cholesterol plaque from the arteries). These fruits contain substances anti-oxidants that contrast the formation of the harmful free radicals; in fact the mediterranean diet, is the better to all the ages for the expert nutritionist, rich of vegetables, fruits, moderate use of extra virgin oil and milk derived, pizza and cereals and legumes instead of the meat, moreover the populations that have a vegetarian (in large sense) diet are less affected from diseases and tumors.    Must notice that beyond the cabbages and the broccoli also the carrots, the acetylsalicylic acid and the hyperic (S. John grass) have notable antitumoral proprieties; moreover the probiotic yogurt can to contrast some allergies and the juice of blackberries can to hinder the action of some toxins.

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  • Salubrious foods
In general to assume fruits and vegetable of five different colours can to help and contributes to maintain itself young and active (crude spinach, cabbages, malt of barley, carrots and well cooked aubergine contains very much anti-oxidants substances), cacao for the obesity..
For the entire organism well-being is also useful to use the vegetal extracts - infuse, oils essential (for external use), and specially fresh juices of fruits (ex. red oranges, pomegranate juice..) or also simple artichokes, walnuts and soja milk for the high cholesterol. Must also remember that for preserve the health of the organism is important to chew slowly and to avoid to assume the fats hydrogenates, dye, additives and conserving, transgenic foods and salt in excess (to read always carefully the etiquette of the commercial salutary food).

As far as the physical exercise, to walk much seems can avoid the obesity in the children; , besides a moderate exposition to the sun can defend the organism from various tumors. A research signals moreover that to climb contributes to eliminate the fat from the blood, instead to walk down contribute to reduce the glucose level.

Mind exercise

- The more effective training mnemonic in order to easy memorize whichever episode, consist in fragment in short images of sequences connected the events, so as to can go back in a second moment from the fragments memorize to the complete memory. In practical using a process similar to that used from the computer, for to compact tidily the data, so as be possible to re-use them when they turn out useful, but from the moment that we aren't machine will be opportune to remember for the pleasure of to remember, make attention and to repeat without to be too much rigid, to avoid false credence and medicine for to memorize.

  • Brain and memory
The attention, the relaxation and the optimism, are indispensable in order to fix the memories; therefore if we forget names normally, dates, events, we lend greater attention and we try whichever connection of fantasy, an emotion or one characteristic that can help the mind to fix our memories.
Recent studies have demonstrated that to study a musical instrument from children it improves the intellectual quotient; moreover studying a foreign language (also in advanced age) some connections between neurons in the brain in computerized surveying turn out strengthened.

To exercise the memory with a constant training (memory training), with to music and to visualizations of fantasy they favor the well-being and they help to prevent the degenerate diseases like the Alzheimer.
A research signals moreover that the laugh therapy contribute to limitate the stress level, beyond to favour the facilitate the recovery in suffering patients and to have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular apparatus.

Soul strengthening

- Some investigators support that the techniques of the tibetan medicine and of others religious practice really can be effective and to carry to the recovery from serious diseases, also if is unknown the scientific mechanism; but the same effect is obtained also with the deep pray in the nature, the participate song and with particular music (for example Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi), or with the unions of pray of the faithful Christians in ambiences consecrates or sanctuaries and free, make attention to the numerous trickers that works with the diseases situations. Moreover also in the solitude of the own room an illuminists attitude towards the life, with to the practice of the prayer, meditation and the reading of the Gospel are indispensable for being able to approach to a durable well-being.

  • Spirit and health
In these event to have an own sincere credence seem be a primary element wherefore the healing can happen in the Christian religion Jesus sent the apostles to cure the sick converting them; in fact some religious operate in the name of S. Peter and S. Paul).
From some studies results also that the patients that pray intensely are discharged from the hospital in the half time than the others, demonstrating a sure connection between the spirit and the health; moreover if in the rooms there are a window on the nature or some plants the levels of stress results diminished!

To put the Lord God always to the first place ("infinitely" first) in the daily activities and to pray every day while it is walked long, seem that it can to clear the spirit and prevent rebelling of serious pathologies (is well-known that with the meditation get rid of the natural endorphins, and research signals moreover that contribute to limit the stress level increasing the during of the life).

Global wellness

- Recent studies have found that some cardiac diseases are often caused for the inflammations of the blood vessel that also can to provoke the degeneration of the plates of cholesterol ("alcohol" moreover indispensable for the building of the neurons cells), with the formation of thrombi that can cause dangerous heart attacks. In order to verify the presence of these inflammations it has been put to point an examination for to monitor the increase of a particular reactive proteins, caused from the smoke, the stress, the obesity, the sedentariness and the high pressure. The atmospheric pollution resulting from the motor traffic provoke in minor measure the same type of inflammations, then is advisable attempt to avoid stay in too much polluted areas.
It's by now scientifically demonstrated that for to maintain a perfect physical and mental equilibrium, must to sleep a number of sufficient hours (generally 7-8 and if necessary also more) to make to recover the energies totally; otherwise the mind have a sense as of drunkenness.

  • General health
To drink until a maximum of three coffee to the day or two cups of green tea seems can to be useful to contrast the cellular aging and to prevent the appear of dangerous diseases. Beyond curing the nourishment is indispensable to constantly train the body without to look excessively of its outer aspect, and attending instead to its perfect efficiency; in fact a regular physical activity prevent the cardiovascular diseases more of whichever therapy.
Some study indicates that who caress a domestic animal cures in minor time or goes to the doctor with inferior frequency of who not practice any type of pet therapy.

Some studies signals that the biological and biodynamic agriculture other to improve the human life, thanks to the better nourishing and antioxidants, can contribute to preserve the ambient and the wild fauna (in fact some species risks to extinguish).
For the general well-being it would have also to place attention to the norms of good sense in the prevention of serious accidents, as an example beginning from the morning, when one is sleepy is easy to slip on the carpets and in the shower or quite to burn widths synthetic dressings gown on the stove; or it can happen to put itself to the guide without to have slept well (because are not followed the base rules on the hygiene of the sleep) and to provoke dangerous incidents or to the drive or on the job (the mind generally have need of 8 hours of sleep). It's also important to avoid too much of drink, super alcoholic and the smoke (the salutary gain is remarkable).

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